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Introducing NOVA Wealth

NOVA Wealth24 May 2023

We’ve had a makeover. Say hello to NOVA Wealth, the new name for Octopus Wealth.

Why the change?

As a business, we’ve grown a lot over the last few years since we first started out as Octopus Wealth. Let’s have a look at some of the numbers…

  • We now have more than 50 amazing and talented people dedicated to improving financial advice in the UK
  • We’re supporting more than 500 households in living the lives they dream of
  • We’re one of the fastest growing financial advice businesses in the UK; roughly doubling the number of clients we worked with in 2022 and with monthly inflows up 304% year-on-year

In short, we’ve now reached a size and scale where people are taking notice. And that’s a good thing. We want to become the most recommended financial advice business in the UK. But, in order to do so, it’s important that our brand represents you: our customers.

Over the last 23 years Octopus has changed considerably, growing from a simple investment firm to become a huge group of companies - including one that’s now the UK’s third-largest energy provider. Octopus will continue building a name as a mass market brand, including its financial services businesses, which is great.

However, it isn’t quite in tune with what our customers need or what we do.

We provide a top tier, holistic financial planning and wealth management service, tailored to your goals and objectives. This is a specialised service to help those with complicated financial needs, not a mass market offering.

So, we’re changing our name to NOVA to differentiate ourselves in the market and build a brand for our customers that shines in its own right – offering an unmatched experience that helps you live the life you dream of.

A brand new name

We chose Nova as the name for our new identity because as a word it resonates with our values and our mission.

Nova derives from the Latin for “new” and is used most commonly in astronomy to describe the burst of light from a newly formed star.

It embodies our commitment to helping illuminate our customers’ finances for them using our innovative Lifeline technology, to enable them to make smarter financial decisions.

It symbolises a breakthrough moment, representing the role we play in helping customers overcome their financial challenges and worries to achieve their financial goals.

It conveys a sense of energy and movement that aligns with our overarching objective of helping our customers build momentum in their lives through their financial plan.

A fresh new look

As part of this rebrand, our objective was to create a fresh and vibrant visual identity that truly reflects our company's spirit.

You'll notice a new logo, a modern colour palette, and a sleek design across all our products and communication channels. We hope this new look will resonate with you and capture the essence of our shared values.

Our new logo embodies everything we stand for as a business. It’s simple and straightforward, yet precise and expertly engineered. Our new name captures our energy and enthusiasm for the work we do for our customers every day, and creates a visually striking set of letters.

The logo itself is based on the font Futura, created in 1927 by Paul Renner. It is recognised as a design classic, built to stand the test of time, whilst always feeling fresh and forward looking. Futura was designed to look efficient and modern, two principles which are core to our philosophy today.

The sharp points of the N, V, and A catch the eye and are symbolic of how we get straight to the point. This is broken up by the softness and openness of the O, a symbol of how we care for our clients.

We have also pushed the letterforms even further to make them more geometric, more precise and more recognisably ours. Small adjustments, we agree, but, like with our financial planning, we believe it’s the detail that counts.

This reflects how we view ourselves; a high-quality service that is provided in a fun, approachable and accessible way.


Our colour palette is an eclectic blend of old and new, created to show our understanding of our customers.

The Dark Green gives a sense of gravitas, reliability and trustworthiness. Values we take very seriously in what we do. Our vibrant pink shows our dynamic creative and surprising side. We are not governed by convention, always open to new ideas and ways to make our business better for our customers.

Our secondary palette is used to complement our two core colours, showing a diverse approach to our brand identity.

Visual language

As we begin to build our new visual identity over the coming months you’ll see more and more versions of our brand, in our photography, infographics and our distinct visual language, specially created using suggestions of light and form around the characters of our logo.

Our visual language is bold and straightforward, just like us. It is precision engineered and carefully crafted, but most importantly, it is distinctively NOVA.

Linking our new identity back to our mission

We started this business because we believe the UK’s financial advice market needed to change for the better. We saw an opportunity to improve things for customers by tackling lengthy, complex documents that customers struggle to understand, expensive fees and hidden charges, and a history of placing business targets ahead of client interests.

We’re here to build a game-changer in the industry, which is the most important reason Nova is the right name for our business. It represents a new way of doing things, one that results in a brighter future for our customers and better outcomes for the industry.

We’re absolutely thrilled to invite you on this journey with us. Welcome to the future of financial advice in the UK!

What do you think about our new name? Get in touch and let us know what you think!

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